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Experience the authentic taste of Southern Lebanon with our organic, monovarietal "baladi" extra-virgin olive oil.

Crafted by one hundred years of knowledge from our ancestors, O'Live Deirmimas was formed by a dedicated family of olive growers in a small village in South Lebanon called DeirMimas. It is recognized for its rich soil and adequate climate for olive farming. Our thousand year old olive groves are nestled in the sun-drenched hills of the Mediterranean, nourished by generations of farmers and grown in harmony with nature. Our family has been farming olives for generations, passing down the ancient methods of making the best EVOO from our forefathers to us. By optimizing these methods, we were able to create an intense quality of high-phenolic antioxidant EVOO in a limited edition of 1500 bottles. O'Live Deirmimas premium olive oil honors the “Baladi” variety's resistance to the lashings of the strong local wind, and the strength of its roots that provide us with its distinctive flavor and aroma. Our EVOO is created utilizing cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, but our passion for quality and authenticity is based on the eternal traditions of our forebears. Every bottle of O'Live EVOO embodies our family's rich history and tradition, as well as the passion and love that goes into each drop.

Our millennial trees produce high-quality olives, harvested by hand and pressed within 6 hours to maintain high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. Our sustainable and socially responsible farm is committed to producing organic, pesticide-free olive oil. We believe in excellence, and we believe that excellence should be available for everyone. And now it is! Taste the dedication and passion in every bottle. Order now and experience the difference for yourself.

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