About us

Delivering the Essence of Natural Rural Flavor to Your Doorstep

At ISHOPRURAL, we go beyond being just an online selling platform — we are your gateway to the authentic rural taste, meticulously curated and delivered to your table. Our mission extends beyond convenience; we're dedicated to supporting producers—both women and men—working in production groups, cooperatives, and small companies. They bring to you their finest products, crafted with unwavering respect and love for their lands, using locally sourced ingredients.

A Bounty of Healthy Local Products:

ISHOPRURAL proudly offers a diverse array of authentic rural and healthy products, each telling a unique story of people and communities from the Mediterranean who live through their rich heritage. We believe in fostering a personal and meaningful relationship with each producer, valuing the connection that elevates the entire experience of enjoying their creations.

Uncompromising Quality Control:

Our commitment to excellence begins with a rigorous selection process based on high-quality standards, adhering to international norms and principles. This process is not merely transactional; it is rooted in a robust relationship with our producers. Through recurrent and rotational quality and safety control processes, we ensure that every product meets our stringent selection criteria. Regular visits to the producers' premises further solidify our collaboration, reinforcing the integrity and excellence that define ISHOPRURAL. Join us on a journey that transcends mere transactions — it's a celebration of flavors, stories, and the shared commitment to quality. At ISHOPRURAL, we deliver more than products; we bring the essence of natural rural taste right to your doorstep.