List of products by brand Grapeful

For centuries, Rashaya and the surrounding areas have been known for their successful grape growing industry.

Rashaya is the home of the Kadamani family and the place where their great grandfather’s love for the vines and its offerings inspired him to produce this sweet creation, grape molasses. The recipe and devotion has bridged over four generations of their family.

Utilizing traditions passed down from their ancestors, today Grapeful has raised the bar, adding modern technology and applying advanced standards of food safety to continue producing the sweet molasses, grape syrup and energy bars.

Grapeful’s natural grape syrup makes the best natural topping for pancakes and Lebanese desserts.

Two years later, they took Mediterranean ingredients, like chickpeas, sesame, almonds, cardamom…etc. combined them with their grape syrup and other ingredients and came up with the tastiest range of Mediterranean health and energy bars, in particular their novel product, The Hummus Bar.

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