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Delivering organic and seasonal products.

Vert Bio was born at Domaine des Mûriers, a family enterprise founded in 2017 in the region of Gherfine, located in Mount Lebanon, in a 250 year old domain. The tradition and authenticity of the place are in line with their selection of products.

Their products are organic, although not certified. They do not use chemicals nor fertilizers, letting the sun and fresh air do their job! The soil is handled with care, passion and dedication in order to deliver real taste, and maintain the health benefits of the produce.

The vegetables are seasonal and a locally grown. They pick them daily guaranteeing freshness. Furthermore, They have a range of organic products like Zaatar Baladi, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Green Olives, Molasses, Fleur de Sel, Pickles, occasionally freshly made goods, as well as other products like Soap Baladi and Lavender.

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