List of products by brand Couvent de Taanayel

The Couvent de taanayel, or “malbaneh”, as the local residents like to say, is the showcase of the Domaine, selling products produced at Arc-en-Ciel’s farms.

With the help of the Jesuit fathers, in 1958 the dairy farm began to commercially produce dairy products. The actual brand “La Laiterie du Couvent de Taanayel” was created and put on the market in 1994.

The milk is produced on the farm and transformed into dairy products without the addition of preservatives or additives. The entire process is completed on-site at the Domaine de Taanayel, ensuring maximum freshness. The dairy farm even cultivates its own fodder for the cows.


Arc-en-Ciel is modernizing the dairy farm, to improve the quality of its products and lower its environmental footprint.

The dairy farm:

  • has been running on solar energy since 2010
  • treats its wastewater
  • reduces waste by recycling the packaging and composting organic wastes

The dairy farm of Taanayel is notably the only one in Lebanon producing the yellow Dutch cheese known as Gouda.  Arc-en-Ciel’s Gouda is fermented from 3 to 18 months at 12° C in a refrigerated chamber with around 70% humidity.

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