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We spread HAPPINESS! Our spreads are homemade, crafted by hand, and using only top quality natural ingredients.

Whether you're looking to add something extra to your morning slice of toast or searching for the perfect snack topping, there are plenty of sumptuous treats ready to shop from Celine homemade Delights.

I always wanted to give my 2 boys the healthiest and most delicious chocolate spread they could ever taste. For me a healthy taste spread is all about high quality ingredients that are preservative and additives free coupled with lots of love. My passion and drive for a healthy lifestyle led me to come up with the perfect recipe for my kids.

after having noticed how my kids adored my spread, I decided to share my products with the world as they were a mouth saver. With my hand-crafted products that are infused with mouthwatering and exciting flavors, I joined the "souk el Tayeb" farmers markets. Initially, I started with 5 flavors, and as the demand grew larger week after the other, I ended up concocting 50 flavors.

My products are made with love, great taste and exquisite flavors. But what made them stand out is the unique handwriting labels I created. In 2020, after having noticed how successful my business has become, I decided to go pro and reach new target markets

My spreads are the perfect token of my love and appreciation for the entire world. Now that everything is done and said, lets spread !

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