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Natural Puree from hand picked fruits and veggies with a lovely taste of nature !

From an apple puree project to a baby food brand, Natura spoon earned its place in the Lebanese market.

The adventure started with a small idea yet big vision; in the middle of lockdown due to COVID-19, Roula came up with the idea to produce apple-based baby puree due to the shortage in the market.

Natura spoon is now a recognized baby food brand with a complete range of more than 40 purees flavors with a large variety of fruits, vegetables and meals manufactured in jars of 130g and 190g.

The path of this project is now drawn with its main purpose to offer a full brand of baby products with one mission: a natural, additives-free products. From Natura Spoon's factory in the heart of the beautiful village of Lehfed in Mount Lebanon to every house.

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