Raw walnuts without shell. Sold by weight. As a healthy food walnuts will boost your overall health and immunity. They are great source of cholesterol-free healthy fats. They are also high in fiber magnesium vitamin B-6 potassium iron and also contain calcium and vitamin C.  Usage: They are very present in Middle Eastern cuisine:

    • In a trail mix good for snacking: try them in combnation with our dark raisins their pairing is heavenly!
    • Roasted and sprinkled on top of rice and minced meat
    • In your cereal or oat breakfast mix
    • In smoothies
    • In healthy Armenian desserts like Khoshaf
    • As a filling in Arabic sweets like maamoul baklawa halawa
    • In chocolate sweets biscuits...

Ingredients: Walnuts Producer: Imported