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Werdaniyati is a Lebanese social association, founded in 2021, at  Al Werdaniye village,  committed to producing and offering a variety of  traditional authentic and high-quality Lebanese food known as “Mouneh spreading the rich culinary heritage of the Shouf area. 

The aim of the association is to support women facing economic challenges, by creating job opportunities and developing self-reliance. It currently employs more than 15 resilient women from the village who participates in the production process bringing their unique know how and culinary expertise.

Werdaniyati presents a diverse range of products crafted through a distinctive process that begins with sourcing premium, fresh raw materials, transforming them into mouthwatering traditional food items, and simultaneously revitalizing ancestral practices integral to our cultural identity.

Werdaniyati works towards a future where women and youth not only achieve economic independence but also proudly uphold our cultural legacy through the production of 'mouneh.

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