Bagels Topped with oats and chia seeds. Unlike the bagels available at most retailers Mrs. Bakesalot's bagels are homemade with no preservatives and are low in sugar. Their bagels are also vegan fat-free cholesterol-free and dairy-free. The toppings can be speicfied by the customer. Just add a note during checkout. Ingredients: Flour Water Sugar Yeast Pink Salt Chia seeds Oatmeal Sesame seeds   Sunflower seeds Pumpkin seeds Usage: These bagels taste best with:
  • Cream Cheese
  • Turkey Eggs
  • Avocado Poached egg
  • Grilled halloumi
Producer: Mrs. Bakesalot  Note: Pre-order and get them delivered after 2 days! Storage: Store in the refrigerator or freezer.