Sell with us

We always welcome new producers into our community!

Contact us if you meet the following criteria:
You are a small/medium food producer (individual or cooperative)
You produce all of your products yourself
Your products’ processing does not follow a fully-automated industrial process
Your products’ processing does not include the use of any industrial chemicals such as artificially produced preservatives and colorings
You don’t mind us visiting your production premises

Should you meet these criteria, kindly send us an email to providing us with the following information:
Where is your production unit located?
Do you sell your products online?
Do you have a label on your products, including a brand name and logo, ingredients, net weight or volume, nutrition facts, dates of production and expiration?
Are you certified organic?
Can you send your contact details
Should you need more information kindly call us on +961 1 498188
Our team will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting/visit!


     Tel: +961 1 498188

      Free delivery for orders above 500,000 LBP Beirut Only!

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