Couvent de Taanayel

Gouda Cheese 250g


Dutch Gouda yellow cheese produced only with fresh milk from the farm itself, without the addition of powdered milk, preservatives, or any other additives! Aged at the right temperature for 1 month.
Ingredients: Fresh pasteurized cow milk, rennet, salt
Producer: Couvent de Taanayel MEET ME!
Delivery: Delivered only in Greater Beirut. Or pick up from our offices.
Weight: The weight is only the average weight of the cheese cuts. As this is artisanal production, the actual weight may vary by 175g more or less.

Additional information
Weight 250 g

Added Value

Gluten-Free, Halal, Keto, Palm Oil Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegetarian

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Meet The Producer
Le Bon Lait is a family-based cooperative established in 2008 in Meghraqa, Akkar to produce high standard quality milk and other dairy products. With the aim to encourage the area’s milk producers, “Le Bon Lait” buys and collects locally produced milk from dairy farmers in Akkar and processes it into dairy products free from any chemical additives. Read more