Fertaike Logo

“Fertaike فِرتَيكي” – the old Lebanese way of saying “the fork” – is a mission to recreate and modernize our everyday food. Their aim is to elevate simple food such as labne and jam, by using modern techniques and innovative combinations.

The “Labne Makbouse” (or dried pressed labne), their star product, is a recreation of the way our ancestors used to produce dried Labne. The goat milk used to produce their goat labne comes from their own farm, where animal life is respected and the highest standards of farming are put into action. Their specialty jams are all made without adding any preservatives or artificial flavors.

Taste each of the products on its own, then enjoy mixing and matching the labne with each of the jams (or as they call it, “Fartakneha”) and share with us what you liked the most.