The Apron

Believing that cooking itself is a kind of creation, a group of friends decided to prove to the world that it takes a lot more than skills to cook: it’s about having a passion for mixing elements, squeezing happiness out of fruits, falling in love with fresh smells, and diving deeper into the boiling water.

After going around the world and witnessing different food cultures, these friends founded “The Apron”, a catering company, in 2018.
The Apron aims to provide a healthy lifestyle in every bite, starting with tree treasures: Fruits!

A varied dried fruit collection is now available, naturally dried, and certainly with no added sugar yet it tastes sweet enough to make you fall in love. Another product they created is sugar-free Lebanese homemade jams with amazing taste, undeniable freshness and sensations beyong taste. But the product range is not finished! Creativity is beyond limits, especially for those who combine hobbies and habits.