“Sophia all natural” is a brand offering a variety of healthy vegan ready to eat food, mainly breakfast and snacks. It is named after Rouba Ayoub’s daughter Sophia. Her products (and creating more and more every day) benefit people eating healthy, or vegan, even people having problems like diabetes, weight problems, etc…

Rouba maintains a reputation for the best peanut butters and energy balls in Lebanon. Up till now, the brand has 7 items starting with nut butters (almond, peanuts and hazelnut), energy balls, vegan cheese, dried fruits and fruit molasses. This variety is all pure, with no added sugar or preservatives, cold-pressed and not processed. Most used ingredients are pesticide-free.

“Sophia all natural” is a new move in creating and producing food since according to Rouba, Lebanese people deserve to be healthy. It is a small name for a huge potential.