The idea of Lip Balms by Mishka was born 2 years ago. Michele K. Alphonse was pregnant with her son and she found herself searching for the perfect “all natural lip balm moisturizer” and not finding it. After looking for a do it yourself recipe, she came up with a great chemical free moisturizing balm with the perfect texture and consistency.

For a long time, she only made some for friends and family, she wasn’t thinking of creating a big range of lip balms with many fragrances, but when she realized that people were loving her product, she decided to make it available to the public.

She takes great pride in making high quality, Eco-friendly Lip balms. She only uses natural & organic ingredients.

She decided early on that she only wanted to use natural scents because she believed they triggered emotions and memories… She received lots of feedback where people compared the scent of the lip balms to personal triggers, like Nilorange for instance, …”Smells like a warm orange cake straight out of my mom’s oven” … & this is what she looks forward to when she creates a new fragrance.