Jana Al Ayadi cropped

“Jana el Ayadi” saw its birth thanks to the joint efforts of 12 hardworking women originating from the Deir el Ahmar village, North Bekaa. The cooperative produces traditional Lebanese rural food free from any additives and colorants and processed using traditional methods, adapted to modern hygienic production standards.

“Jana el Ayadi” offers a wide range of products carefully made from the tastiest fruits, vegetables, cereals and herbs from the Bekaa, using the recipes inherited from the villages’ families and developed to satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated palates.

Natural Pomegranate Molasses 500ml

LBP 210,000

Rose Syrup | Sharab El Wared 500mL

LBP 49,000

Apricot Syrup | Sharab El Mishmosh 500mL

LBP 25,000

Eggplant Makdous 600 g

LBP 100,000

Spicy Eggplant Makdous 600 g

LBP 100,000

Makdous Loubye 600 g

LBP 100,000

Orange Blossom Water | May Zaher 500mL

LBP 56,000

Strawberry Jam 370g

LBP 45,000

Shredded Pumpkin Jam 370g

LBP 44,000

Pumpkin Pieces in Syrup 750g

LBP 69,000

Apricot Jam 370g

LBP 44,000

Whole Figs in Syrup 700g

LBP 81,000

Sundried Tomatoes 100g

LBP 6,500

Quince Jam 350g

LBP 39,000

Dried Figs Jam

LBP 38,000