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Ibrahim’s Organic Farm is rooted in family land in the small village of Mazraat Assaf, Becharri.

They believe in farming practices that contribute to the environment and not deplete it. Their cultivation is certified organic by the CCPB Italian certification company. This certification is not an easy process, but it guarantees to their beloved customers that organic regulations are being followed. From their harvest, they also prepare artisanal preserves and contemporary versions of them.

They aim at preserving our environment and heritage; they aim to preserve our home. They promote soil, plant, animal, and human health and the ecological value and charm of our birthplace and aim to provide you the opportunity to experience all that they love about it. Beyond farming; they work towards making a difference through agro- and eco-tourism.  They collaborate with the local community and volunteers from abroad to make our agro-eco-tourism vision a reality.

  • They irrigate from Nahr El Asfour. The river water originates a few kilometers upstream of the farm from Qnat’s Mar Challita’s grotto. On its way to Ibrahim’s farm, it passes limited traditional farmland and slightly-inhabited surroundings.
  • Instead of chemical fertilizers, they use composted manure from goats that naturally graze in the neighboring mountains. We personally know the goat herders and the environment where their herd grazes.
  • They also plant green manures. Green manure is a crop that is planted during fall and then harvested early spring to be simply left in place in the land. For this year, wild clover occurring naturally and vetch (Vicia sativa – or what we call Baa2yi) planted in winter created an amazing colorful meadow under their fruit trees.
  • For pest control, they use our ecosystem balance to provide natural predators to various pests. They also use soft products like soap, oil, and bacteria-based products to help them in protecting their crops. In addition to that, they use physical approaches like traps.
  • Their seeds are non-treated, and non-genetically modified. In fact, they are either from our organically certified sources or extracted from our own organic crops.

“Our generous mountainous terraces give back all the love we invest in them.”— Youssef Ibrahim, founder and loving father (1942 – 2017)