Eshmoon started in 2013 in a small attic donated by the parents of the founder using very modest machinery and a modest budget for experimentation. Now, Eshmoon products are being produced in a 150 m kitchen annexed to a 100 m store space in Baouchrieh, 5 km away from Beirut.

Eshmoon offers natural products combining modern knowledge and traditional science in creating high-end natural products for our daily needs. It seeks to be holistic by combining the elements of natural and minimally processed ingredients, recyclable packaging, responsible marketing and fair trade. It offers a wide range of healthy alternative food items that are made from natural or organic ingredients. The products are all gluten, refined sugar and dairy-free.

The Eshmoon team also caters for events such as coffee breaks and brunches. They also offer tasty chocolate almond cakes for occasions like birthdays and other ceremonies.