Eat Good Fat Gold

Fatina is a woman from North Lebanon who graduated, got married and moved to Beirut. Her friends in Beirut introduced her to the healthy lifestyle, and she became obsessed with the topic. She felt our health comes from our soil and nature. She was raised in a village, and she felt we should connect more to our roots. She started providing her friends with ghee and butter from her village, which could not be found in Beirut. She always bought her meat and animal products from her village, where the animals are mostly grass-fed, as she didn’t trust the sources of food sold in the city. Her friends encouraged her to turn this into a business, because people in the city need clean and natural food. She really loves having her own business while at the same time raising her children.

So she started to work with her relatives in her village on the production of ghee, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, rather than promotion. The business grew since 2017 and it is surviving this huge economic crisis by adapting the levels of production. She goes on producing despite the low income, because she thinks there are people who deserve to preserve their health during these hard times.