Cave des ours

Kfardebian is well known for its apple orchards. In 2017, they started a small apple winery called  Cave Des Ours.

Cave Des Ours resides in the mountains of Kfardebian and in the heart of Lebanon. It is 75 km away from capital Beirut at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. It is renowned for its Lebanese Apple Wine and Apple Arak. They are the first apple winery distillates in Lebanon and Middle East. Driven by their passion and love for sharing the exquisite taste of their products, the main focus of Cave Des Ours remains to offer the highest quality of Wine and Arak.

Cave Des Ours produces two different types of Apple wine, sweet Apple Wine called “Ourson” and Dry Apple wine called ” Blanc de Pomme”. Their Wine is made from five types of apples harvested specifically for that purpose.