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Sarah has always had a passion for baking and cooking. And after spending a year in the United States, she fell in love with bagels and bagel-making. Sarah always wanted to get a summer job before going to college however that became impossible after the economic crisis in Lebanon and the start of the pandemic. Therefore, she decided to open her own small business at only 18 years old. Bagelado started in June 2020 and is now growing at an amazing pace while bringing a taste of the US to Lebanon.

Sarah adds, “I hope my story inspires my generation because we are going through hard times right now, and it’s very hard to feel motivated and productive. So, if you have a passion for something or you have an idea in your mind, do not give up because you can turn nothing into something, and into a small business, just like I did with Bagelado.”

Unlike the bagels available at most retailers, Bagelado’s bagels are homemade with no preservatives and are low in sugar. Their bagels are also vegan, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and dairy-free.