Our Producers

Jana Al Ayadi cropped

Jana el Ayadi saw its birth thanks to the joint efforts of 12 hardworking women originating from the Deir el Ahmar village, North Bekaa.

Tricker Treat logo

Tricker Treat was created when a mother wanting to feed her children the healthiest most nutritious food.

Coara logo

Coara’s story started with a transition of a family to vegetarianism, eating and relying more on whole grains and organic vegetables.

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Mawasem Al Dayaa is a women owned and managed food processing cooperative consisting of 30 women, producing traditional Lebanese preserves.

Eshmoon Holistics logo

Eshmoon started in 2013 in a small attic donated by the parents of the founder using very modest machinery and a modest budget for experimentation.

Crazy Farm HD

Crazy farm is an experimental project by amateur in agriculture who is a successful corporate lawyer, Mr. Fady Jamaleddine.

Pometto cropped

Pometto was founded in 2016 started when a young man realized that most of the Lebanese apples can’t be sold because of many reasons mainly the large volumes produced.

God Save the Green

God Save the Green is a contemporary Lebanese agricultural project, located in Ain Mouaffaq, Mount Lebanon, not too far away from Beirut. It is aimed at redefining and re imagining the world of traditional farming.

Le Bon Lait cropped

Le Bon Lait is a family-based cooperative established in 2008 in Meghraqa, Akkar to produce high standard quality milk and other dairy products.

Zaatar Zawtar

Zaatar Zawtar is an agricultural cooperative located in Zawtar, Nabatieh. South of Lebanon. Mohamad Nehme the director of the cooperative and is one of the first few Lebanese farmers who domesticated the thyme plant

Batroun Mountains

Batroun Mountains is a family owned and operated winery dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the values of the Hark family.


Foodteq was established in 2018, with the objective of manufacturing Lebanese specialty products and selling them locally and on an international level. Foodteq’s vision is making its innovative “Spreadable Halawa” as the “Nutella” of Lebanon.

photo 8

Al Atayeb is a women’s cooperative located in the village of Kfardebian for producing “Mouneh”. They are known for their creativity and their apple products.


“Sophia all natural” is a brand offering a variety of healthy vegan ready-to-eat food, mainly breakfast and snacks. Sophia’s products maintain a reputation for the best peanut butters and energy balls ever!

logo Maison Alfred

Alfred founded Maison Alfred, which is the expression of his passion. He have created a range of unique condiments, which go perfectly with any dish. They are made from fresh ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.


Ain Al Arich is a women’s cooperative made up of 11 women members. Ain Al Arich Cooperative was established in 2003 located in the village of Aita Al Fokhar in west Bekaa. It is specialized in processing goat milk for the production of local cheese and Labneh in olive oil.

Bio Datella

Bio Datella is an Algerian brand specialized in a specific variety of dates known as Deglet Noor. Bio Datella is run by locals in a village in Algeria, who do everything from picking the dates to packaging them. This brand is known for not processing or drying the dates.

Terabithia transparent

Having a passion for tea and coffee, good taste and creativity, young adventurers invented several infusions. Each tea or infusion blend works for a certain medical purpose, adding to it the protection for an appropriate bodily function.

Healthy Mindset

If you’re a human being, you simply have to eat. Only healthy mindset tries to make your food taste great with as little effort as possible. Find ways to increase your energy and you’ll age slower, get more things done and look better naked.

Saboun Baladi

The story began in the 1920’s when Ramzi’s great grandfather started his handmade soap-making craft in Bchamoun, Mount Lebanon. Ramzi’s grandfather took over the business in the 1950’s. The soap became a market leader for more than 20 years. Then due to the Lebanese civil war, he was forced to retire at the peak of his success.

Heritage Preserved

The core of the company’s philosophy is its unwavering commitment to service excellence: they monitor their production process closely, assuring the freshest possible products with the most economical and efficient deliveries for customers.

The Apron

After going around the world and witnessing different food cultures, these friends founded “The Apron”, a catering company. The Apron aims to provide a healthy lifestyle in every bite, starting with tree treasures: Fruits!

Innocent Treats

A mom of 2 kids, picky eater and self-taught cook, is the lady behind “Innocent Treats”. She started with a variety of Paleo desserts, then shifted to Keto desserts, snacks and bread, after following the diet herself.